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    Info about League Battle Puroresu

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    Info about League Battle Puroresu Empty Info about League Battle Puroresu

    Post by Ozzie Williams on Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:22 pm

    1.)  Okay first and foremost what is League Battle Puroresu?

    League Battle Puroresu (LBP for Short) is a roleplaying based, Stable-driven promotions which makes entertaining storylines.

    2.)  Does LBP have shows?

    LBP will be having a bi-weekly show every saturday, once we get started.

    3.)  What type of characters and storyline do LBP feature?

    LBP is a Stable-driven promotion, which people are often in stable (people don't need to be in one

    4.)  Can I join LBP?

    Yes anybody and everyone, is able to join we don't discriminate. Just register on the forums and post your wrestler(s).

    5.)  I am not a good RPer and English is not my first language.

    -Worry not, here in LBP I do not discriminate, as long as you want to RP and are willing to learn to do so, I shall gladly accept you into the roster and help you develop your RP skills and your grammar.

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