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    Beltane "The Darkness"


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    Beltane "The Darkness" Empty Beltane "The Darkness"

    Post by Beltane on Thu Oct 01, 2015 12:13 pm

    Wrestler Name: Beltane

    Nickname: The Dark One

    Age: unknown

    Hometown: unknown

    Alignment: Heel

    Height: 5' 11"

    Weight Class: cruiser weight

    Weight: 195

    Gender: Male

    Gimmick: Darkness Maniac. Whats to snuff out all things light and face.


    The arena lights flash then shut off. Strobe lights begin to flicker all around the entrance ramp. A single bell tolls as "Now You Have Something to Die For" by Lamb of God starts to play over the loud speakers. Another single bell tolls as as flash of light brightens the arena. The lights come full bright as Beltane is standing in the center of the ring.

    Wrestler Picture:

    Beltane "The Darkness" Belatn10

    Short Bio: Not much is known about where Beltane came from. He is a child of the Darkness. He puts fear in to the weak, he loves to see people squirm when he enters a room.

    Signature Move(s):

    Mistsault- Moonsault Double Foot Stomp

    Beltane performs a backflip moonsault off the top rope, Beltane continues the rotation so that drives both feet into the opponent's chest, executing a Mistsault


    Main Finisher- The Cross-Quarter Lunar

    Beltane places his opponent in a fireman's carry and proceed to drop the opponent in front of him
    while falling to a sitting position so that the opponent lands on their upper back and neck between the legs of the wrestler, facing towards them executing a Cross-quarter Lunar

    Stats: (200 points to spend on 3 stats, 100 is the max stat. This is for the wrestling match simulator program.)
    Brawl: 100
    Speed: 75
    Tech: 25

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