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    Post by Ozzie Williams on Thu Oct 01, 2015 9:11 pm

    Anybody on the LBP Staff can be used other than Jake Keyes the GM who only controlled by Ozzie Williams.

    Jakes Keyes (GM) - The fearless and ruthless leader, who can be sometimes nice and charming to those are nice to him or feel they'll make a profit to him.

    Ale Cholic (Ring Announcer) - The current ring announcer, recently out of rehab of his drinking addiction, occasionally spilling on his lines and may sometimes turn up to work drunk.

    Goto Kanzan (Announcer) - The one of three anouncers, the one to call everything down the middle and the one to make sure the other two don't go into war with each other or prevent Jackson Harvey from getting the show shut down.

    Leeum Kneesun (Colour Commentator) - The Good One! Very Happy

    Jackson Harvey (Colour Commentator) - The Evil One! Twisted Evil

    Miranda Grey - Our beautiful and lovely backstage interviewer. Doesn't takes sides and not just there to look pretty.

    Jim Gym (Coach) - Our Honorable Coach, willing to help. Throw away the Donuts and in with the IRON!!

    John Clonic (Doc) - Our Head Doctor ready to fix a leg or an AN-kle..

    Lawrence Nickleson (Ref) - Our Head official always calling things down the middle and mostly calling the major matches of the night.

    Joe T. Slouw (Ref) - The other ref, that tries the best at his job. But is sometimes too slow, although he may improve with a little bit cash on his side.

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