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    Ravenous Bio


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    Ravenous Bio

    Post by Ravenous on Fri Oct 02, 2015 12:30 am


    Age: 20

    Hometown: Abandoned Asylum

    Alignment: Progressively Heel

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight Class: Lightweight

    Weight: 220 lbs.

    Gender: Male

    Gimmick: Living Half-Mannequin

    The string plays in the entrance theme revealing to be “Here in the Black” by Gary Numan as all the spotlight highlight on RAVENOUS suddenly appears from the darkness wearing wearing a doll mask and a trench coat.

    RING ANNOUNCER: "Standing six foot two inches tall weighting in at two-hundred and twenty pounds, representing "HOUSE OF SERENA", RAVENOUS!!"

    Once the violin riffs end, spotlights start to line up in the entrance ramp signaling RAVENOUS to walk slowly along with it.
    RAVENOUS enters the ring as the light goes to normal. Then he slowly removes his mask then his trench coat showing the scar all over his body.

    Wrestler Picture:

    Short Bio:

    • He was first known as CORRUPT in his early career in Xyst Wrestling Federation.
    • His highlighted wrestling career is on Galactic Wrestling Alliance where SERENA became his manager under the name SELINE and he became the one-time Galactic Wrestling Alliance Nova Champion (an equivalent title of a hardcore championship).
    • He joined Madness Wrestling Alliance along with his new manager, FIONE. Later, SERENA joined him as well then formed a new stable called HOUSE OF SERENA.
    • The group continue their career in THE DISTRICT where RAVENOUS defeated CAPTAIN MAMA via submission.
    • In "SERENA vs RAVENOUS" event show, he lost to SERENA.

    Signature Moves:

    • Big Boot
    • Chokelift Powerbomb Facebuster
    • Dragon Sleeper
    • Falling Arm Breaker
    • Household Heirloom/Fione's Disgrace Kick (Superkick)
    • Mannequin Salvo (Multiple Punches to the corner followed by a Backfist then a Single Knee Facebreaker)
    • Multiple Trapping Headbutts then Trapping Suplex
    • Needle Driver (Cradle Piledriver)
    • Obscure DDT (Mutiple Underhook Knee Strikes followed by a Double Underhook DDT)
    • Paradise Lost (Spinebuster, as a counter for opponent's finisher)
    • Pop-Up European Uppercut
    • Spear, after performing a power slide

    Dystopian Effect (Jumping Armbar Takedown Hold)
    "RAVENOUS goes to the corner as he sways both of his hand in erratic movements while he wait his groggy opponent
    grabs the arms of the opponent, jumps to the turnbuckle, spins then lands with the opponent with _______ Dysotopian Effect."

    Brawl: 70
    Speed: 30
    Tech: 100

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