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    Serena Bio Empty Serena Bio

    Post by Ravenous on Fri Oct 02, 2015 1:05 am


    Age: 26

    Hometown: ???

    Alignment: Tweener

    Height: 5’7”

    Weight Class: Lightweight

    Weight: 173 lbs.

    Gender: Female

    Gimmick: Mother of RAVENOUS as becoming the Matriarch of the "House of Serena"


    "Birds of Hell Awaiting" by Marilyn Manson plays through the sound system. SERENA holding a bloody steel chair arrives in the stage as she is wearing a black Victorian coat underneath is the black jumpsuit.  

    RING ANNOUNCER: ""Standing five foot seven inches tall weighting in at one-hundred and seventy-three pounds, she is the matriarch of "HOUSE OF SERENA" and the owner of "HOUSEHOLD DUNGEON", SERENA!!"

    As SERENA walks into the ramp, she mildly and cockily stares the crowd. She enters the ring then goes to the center of the ring as she raises her trademark chair representing her power. Then she goes to the corner removing her Victorian coat and puts down her trademark chair.

    Wrestler Picture:
    Serena Bio Serena10

    Short Bio

    • She was first known under the name SELINE as CORRUPT's manager in his career in Galactic Wrestling Alliance.
    • She joined Madness Wrestling Alliance where she formed a new stable called HOUSE OF SERENA along with RAVENOUS and FIONE.
    • The group continue their career in THE DISTRICT where RAVENOUS defeated CAPTAIN MAMA via submission.
    • In "SERENA vs RAVENOUS" event show, she accepted three newly members of the household and won a victory over RAVENOUS.
    • She becames the co-general manager of the independent wrestling show "HOUSEHOLD DUNGEON" along with JEFFREY.

    Signature Move:

    • A Means to An End (Double Knee Facebreaker followed by a Guillotine Choke; mistaken to be Serena’s finisher)
    • Crucifix Piledriver
    • Enzuiguri
    • Household Heirloom/Fione's Disgrace Kick (Superkick)
    • Lou Thesz Press followed by Multiple Slaps
    • Moonlight Memento DDT (Springboard Moonsault DDT)
    • Silent Moon Suplex (Swinging Cradle Suplex)
    • The Serena Whip (Turnbuckle Powerbomb followed by a Spinning Wheel Kick)
    • Tornado DDT


    Grimdark Dinner Table (Modified Bow and Arrow hold, preceded by Double Knee Backbreaker)

    SERENA waits for her opponent while lurking him from behind. As the opponent gets on his feet, SERENA hooks on his opponent’s arms as she strikes on his back with her both knees.
    Then she traps his opponent by hooking his arms with her own as she grabs his head and hooking his legs with her own executing ____ The Grimdark Dinner Table

    Brawl: 60
    Speed: 60
    Tech: 80

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