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    KAMI - Alter Ego Empty KAMI - Alter Ego

    Post by TheMessenger on Fri Oct 02, 2015 9:56 am

    Wrestler Name: KAMI

    Nickname: N/A

    Age: N/A

    Hometown: The Pit

    Alignment: Unknown reaction, his motives and goals aren't clear leading the fans to question him.

    Height: 6'3

    Weight Class: Lightweight

    Weight: 180 pounds

    Gender: Male

    Gimmick: Masked alter ego of Danny Young, shows no remorse and is keen on violence.

    Entrance: 'RAINMAKER (Wrestlekingdom Intro)' begins to play over the arena sound system as the fans stare at the entranceway, a cloud of smoke covering the entire entrance way.
    As the intro carries on, the lights dim, flashing every now and then to a bright white as the fans get anxious.
    As the coin is heard dropping in the song, a figure raises slowly from the darkness of the stage, not walking through the curtain but literally rising through the floor of the stage as the fans stare at him in awe.
    He opens his arms wide as he reaches a level stance with the stage causing the lights to flicker violently before walking towards the ring, ignoring the hands of the fans as he climbs in to the ring.

    Wrestler Picture: KAMI - Alter Ego Sd7tqUo

    Short Bio: Danny Young grew angry with himself, from his years of effort only to be misused and underdeveloped by the wrestling companies he sought so hard to impress he fell in to the pit of darkness and out of that pit rose KAMI. He realised he had transcended the level of man and become a GOD. His power consumed him and he fell in to a mixed personality. One is still the fighting hooligan, the other is the monster beneath the mask.

    Signature Move(s):

    KAMI sprints towards the opponent, throwing his leg up and striking their jaw while flying forwards with a BRUTAL Sick Kick

    KAMI clutches the wrist of the opponent, pulling it around their body while moving behind them
    he then pulls on the wrist of the opponent like a ripcord, causing them to turn before decimating them with his other arm executing a DECAPITATING Ripcord Lariat

    The Opponent rushes towards KAMI
    KAMI sidesteps the oncoming opponent, causing them to crash torso first in to the turnbuckle
    KAMI turns around and launches the staggering opponent overhead with a BRUTAL Rebound German Suplex

    KAMI traps the legs of the opponent in a reverse indian deathlock, kicking them in the side to loosen their arms before pulling back on them to raise the head up
    before raising his free leg and stomping the opponents head down with authority executing a CRUSHING KAMISTOMP (can be done on to an object such as the bottom turnbuckle or bottom step of the ring steps)

    KAMI ascends to the top turnbuckle, waiting for his opponent to rise a little.
    Once the opponent has gotten to their hands and knees KAMI launches himself from the top ropes with his knees raised to his chest
    before stomping down hard on to their back, crushing them beneath his weight with a CRUSHING KAMISTOMP II

    KAMI ascends to the top turnbuckle, watching his downed opponent before launching himself with his knees raised to his chest
    and stomping down viciously on the back of the opponents head with a BRAIN DAMAGING KAMISTOMP III

    KAMI pulls the opponents head between his legs, locking the arms behind the back with a double underhook before lifting the opponent.
    He then drops the opponent down on their neck and shoulders in a ganso bomb landing with a DROP DEAD KAMI Buster

    KAMI Clutch
    KAMI wrenches the arm of the opponent around their neck while grapevining his own arm in to it, moving his hand to the back of the opponents head to push forward.
    He sits down on the back of the opponent, leaning back while pulling the opponents arm back to choke him while pushing the opponents head with the other executing a VICIOUS KAMI Clutch

    KAMI pulls the opponents head under his arm, trapping them in a front facelock while hooking one of their arms with his free arm.
    He lifts the opponent up high in the air with a single underhook style grasp before driving the opponent down viciously on to the top of their head with a GODLIKE Ascendance

    The Opponent charges at KAMI
    KAMI sidesteps, causing the opponent to crash torso first in to the ropes
    KAMI rotates his body suddenly, clobbering the back opponents head with a VICIOUS Rolling Elbow
    The Opponent falls forwards, striking the ropes and rebounding
    only to be launched overhead by KAMI with a VICIOUS German Suplex
    The Opponent rolls through on to their knees
    KAMI charges at the opponent before throwing his entire bodyweight behind his arm, decimating the opponent with a DECAPITATING Low Lariat, completing the sequence known as Deliverance

    Stats: (200 points to spend on 3 stats, 100 is the max stat. This is for the wrestling match simulator program.)
    Brawl: 80
    Speed: 45
    Tech: 75

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