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    "Mr. High Tension" Daku Kumo

    Daku Kumo

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    "Mr. High Tension" Daku Kumo

    Post by Daku Kumo on Fri Oct 02, 2015 2:50 pm

    Wrestler Name: Daku Kumo

    Nickname: Mr. High Tension

    Age: 27

    Hometown: Osaka, Japan

    Alignment: Heel

    Height: 6'2''

    Weight Class: Heavyweight

    Weight: 228

    Gender: Male

    Gimmick: Bad Ass

    Entrance: "Be Naked (Heel version)" by Neo Atomic Motor played up as Daku Kumo comes out to the ramp posing for the crowd spreading his arm apart above his head as he walks down the ramp and jumps onto the apron getting in causing the song to stop.

    Wrestler Picture:

    Signature Move(s):

    Kumo Driver - Daku Kumo picks up XXXX in a suplex and slams him down infront of him while sitting down himself to bring extra power to the move hitting a Kumo Driver.

    Kumo Genki - Daku Kumo runs to the ropes and back towards XXXX using him a leverage to throw himself upwards and lands on XXXX's shoulders with his knees bringing him down to the mat, executing Kumo Genki.


    Daku Takai - Daku Kumo gets behind XXXX wrapping his arms around the waist of XXXX and throws her up really high while keeping hold of him as Kumo brings himself down bridging himself along with crashing XXXX down on his upper body and neck executing a devastating Daku Takai.

    Package Kumo - Daku Kumo gets behind XXXX trapping his arms besides his body and lifts up XXXX while keeping a hold of him, Kumo bridges himself causing XXXX to land on his head and shoulders executing Package Kumo.

    Brawl: 25
    Speed: 100
    Tech: 75

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