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    "Hot-Blooded Underdog" KENT


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    "Hot-Blooded Underdog" KENT

    Post by KENT on Fri Oct 02, 2015 4:33 pm

    Wrestler Name: KENT

    Nickname: Hot-Blooded Underdog

    Age: 19

    Hometown: Osaka Japan

    Alignment: Face

    Height: 5'6''

    Weight Class: Lightweight

    Weight: 159

    Gender: Male

    Gimmick: Young Underdog

    Entrance: "Bad Japanese" by Fireball plays and KENT comes out to the music in his pink and black jacket along with the hoodie over his head, he looks to the crowd waving his hands up to pump up the crowd he walks his way into the ring and gets onto the turnbuckle where he poses with his arms looking like he gonna pull an arrow.

    Wrestler Picture:

    Signature Move(s):

    Youngstar - KENT pulls up XXXX from the ground and puts his head between KENT's legs where he pulls him up over his head with XXXX's hooked onto KENT's body and KENT's arms wrapped around the arms of XXXX soon he legs go allowing XXXX to plant face first into the mat with a Youngstar

    Pink and Black Attack - KENT is on the apron as XXXX starts to punch away at him, XXXX stops to go to run to the ropes meanwhile KENT rolls through the second rope before kipping up to an incoming XXXX and stopping him with a jumping Cutter for the Pink and Black Attack.


    Killswitch - KENT gets behind XXXX and grabs him by his arms putting his own head onto the back of XXXX. KENT flips XXXX around still holding his hands before dropping him down head first to the mat executing Killswitch.

    Seishun Kai - KENT puts XXXX onto the turnbuckle before climbing up himself he stands up and making XXXX stand up aswell. KENT puts an arm around the neck of XXXX and putting XXXX's own arm over the shoulder of KENT. KENT jumps up will having hold of XXXX flipping around and slamming XXXX onto his back along with KENT himself executing Seishun Kai.

    Final Switch (Use for major & Title Matches) - KENT kicks XXXX in the gut causing him to bend down. KENT turns around with his back facing XXXX and grabs his arms and wraps them around his own arms. KENT then twists around standing himself straight with XXXX dangling upside down. KENT than drops down with XXXX planting him face first to the mat executing Final Switch.

    Brawl: 60
    Speed: 100
    Tech: 40

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