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    Post Your Wrestler Empty Post Your Wrestler

    Post by Ozzie Williams on Sat Sep 26, 2015 6:04 pm

    Basic things that you need to put when posting your wrestler. (Original wrestlers only.)

    Wrestler Name: (What's your wrestler's name?)

    Nickname: (What's your wrestler's nickname if any?)

    Age: (What is your wrestler's age?)

    Hometown: (Where was you wrestler born?)

    Alignment: (Face, tweener or heel?)

    Height: (What is your wrestler's exact height?)

    Weight Class: (Lightweight (220 lbs. or less) or heavyweight (over 220 lbs.)?)

    Weight: (What is you wrestler's exact weight?)

    Gender: (Male, female or neither?)

    Gimmick: (What is your wrestler's gimmick? Example: Curryman = Comedy Character)

    Entrance: (How you are introduced in the shows. Those who do not post entrances will this posted as their entrance. Wrestler X walks down the entrance ramp and enters the ring to little fanfare...)

    Wrestler Picture: Post a picture of your wrestler, I need at least a full head and upper body shot.
    Short Bio: (A short background on your wrestler.)

    Signature Move(s): (Your wrestler's signature move(s).)

    Finisher(s): (A description of your finisher(s), indicate which one is the primary and which on is the secondary finisher if you have more than one.)

    Stats: (200 points to spend on 3 stats, 100 is the max stat. This is for the wrestling match simulator program.)
    Brawl: (This determines how good your wrestler is at brawling.)
    Speed: ( This determines how good your wrestler is at high flying and fast attacks.)
    Tech: (This determines how good your wrestler is at submissions and reversals.)

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