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    "Young Master" SENKAN


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    "Young Master" SENKAN Empty "Young Master" SENKAN

    Post by SENKAN on Fri Oct 02, 2015 5:11 pm

    Wrestler Name: SENKAN

    Nickname: Young Master

    Age: 18

    Hometown: Osaka Japan

    Alignment: Face

    Height: 5'6''

    Weight Class: Lightweight

    Weight: 190

    Gender: Male

    Gimmick: Young Undergod/Master Technician

    Entrance: "Loud Up!!" by The Mad Capsule Markets is heard coming out of the speakers as SENKAN comes out to the ramp raising his fists in the air to the crowd as he walks down to the ring, he slides in and raises his hands again to the crowd.

    Wrestler Picture: "Young Master" SENKAN Profil10

    Signature Move(s):

    Henkei Knee - XXXX comes running at SENKAN who which stops XXXX with lifting him up by his arm and drops him down to a lifting knee executing Henkei Knee.

    Upper Henkei Knee - SENKAN kicks XXXX in the gut causing him to bend over, which SENKAN pulls him to his side before lifting him up onto his shoulder, SENKAN then flips XXXX over onto an incoming lifting Knee.

    Finisher(s): (A description of your finisher(s), indicate which one is the primary and which on is the secondary finisher if you have more than one.)

    Katayama Hold - SENKAN gets behind XXXX and hooks his arms into a full Nelson where SENKAN drops down with his knees into XXXX back when he comes crushing down into a backstabber, but hangs onto XXXX with him still on his knees while pulling his arms back still locked in the full Nelson executing Katayama Hold.

    SENKAN Pistol - SENKAN grabs hold of XXXX in the suplex position and lifts him up he land drops him straight down forward where he means a lifting knee from SENKAN executing SENKAN Pistol.

    Brawl: 40
    Speed: 100
    Tech: 60

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