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    LBP: Fuanteina Kontorōru #1 Match Card: 24/10/15

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    LBP: Fuanteina Kontorōru #1 Match Card: 24/10/15

    Post by Ozzie Williams on Fri Oct 02, 2015 10:23 pm

    Korekuen Hall; Bunkyo, Tokyo Japan ~LBP: Fuentaina Kontorōru~ Match Card

    1. "GOD BLESS" Same Kira  [Dark Matter] vs Danny Young [Millennial Hearts]

    2. Discorda [House of Serena] vs "Hot-Blooded Underdog" KENT[Millennial Hearts]

    3. END (Beltane "The Darkness" & KAMI) vs Harris Dandiprat & Melvin Jeremiah

    4. "Fist King" Haruki Inoki [Dark Matter] vs Serena [House of Serena]

    5. Millennial Hearts ("The Midnight Crusader" Ozzie Williams & "Power Master" Hato Senshi) vs Dark Matter ("Evil Weasel" Aku Itachi & "Mr High Tensions" Daku Kumo)

    Main Event: "The Messenger" Christopher Reynolds [END] vs Ravenous [House of Serena]

    You can rp up until 18th of October for them to count, rps after won't effect the outcome of your match.

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