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    Post by Ozzie Williams on Mon Oct 12, 2015 2:42 pm

    Pacing in the backstage arena with his favourite black jacket, preparing for his tag team match coming up, is Ozzie Williams. He soon notices a camera across from him and choose this as a good time to speak his mind to the audience of the Korekuen Hall.

    Ozzie Williams: Konbanwa Nihonji, Watashi wa Ozzie Williams-des. And it looks like I found a way to get myself back to wrestling in Japan, one of the best wrestling countries on the planet. This is where I went to help, to get myself back up to my feet, when my head was in a dark place a couple of years ago.

    Ozzie Williams: Now I am back here in my favourite arena the Korekuen Hall. And I am here in this promotion for two reasons, one is to finally become a World Champion and two, help bring the future to wrestling with my Millennial Hearts unit.

    He grins as he takes his jacket off revealing the Millennial Hearts T-Shirt.

    Ozzie Williams: In this unit you’ll find yourself some of the very best, youngest and brightest wrestlers on the planet. And tonight me and Hato Senshi will be taking on the brunt of the Dark Matter Unit.

    Ozzie Williams: I don’t care what the Dark Matter unit stand for, they will not knock down me and Senshi tonight. We will win, we will prove the Millennial Hearts to be fruitful and we will prove to be the major players in League Battle Puroresu. Jā Matane!

    He stops his pacing and walks away from the camera.

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