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    I ain't Doing it

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    I ain't Doing it Empty I ain't Doing it

    Post by Harris Dandiprat on Tue Oct 13, 2015 9:37 am

    Melvin Jeremiah has Harris Dandiprat by the wrist. Pulling him reluctantly behind him. A sign with an arrow and the word "clinic" come into view.

    Melvin: You will see Mr. Dandiprat. Just you wait. Doctor Clonic said he would see us before this travesty of a match commences.

    Harris pulls his arm free as they walk up to the door and ease it open.

    Harris: No blimey way this works Melv.

    As they enter Doctor John Clonic is working on another wrestler. Doc points to a chair on the opposite wall. Melvin acquires a slight limp and brings his arm across his chest. The duo make their way over to the chair. Melvin slowly eases himself into the chair. Having Harris move a additional chair to support and elevate his leg. They begin to talk in hushed tones. Just out of earshot of the Doc.

    Harris: Melv laying on pretty thick aren't you? I could have helped you out with a jab or two to that ugly mug of yours. Can't see.... can't fight right. We could have went and plead our case to GM Keyes. Maybe he could have gave me a new partner. He had no clue. You come to the place with me. You entered us into negotiations.  Don't you think you could have mentioned it to Keyes. You do your best work outside the ring.

    Melvin: It was a package deal. Keyes wanted you. The only way that was going to happen was I come too. Unbeknownst to me, managers and confidants are expected to carry their weight in the ring. Well that will change when I am medically disqualified.

    Harris: Hang nails and stubbed toes don't count Melvie.  You need a legitimate injury. You can't just claim peacemaker and non contact. Plus, you wait until tonight to mention this all. Tonight is our debut match. What will END, and them two scaly wankers Beltane and KAMI believe?
    We can't appear weak. We have to stand united and tall. Do you see everyone shackling up around here. We are the only two who haven't found a home. We are outsiders.  

    Melvin lifts his leg slightly and winces as the Doc peers over his shoulder.  Doc says something in Japanese that neither Brit catches.

    Melvin: No worries Mr. Dandiprat. Once you establish yourself, show all these blokes what your made of, they will be clamoring for our services.

    Harris: You won't be brokering anything if you don't survive tonight. I will do what I can. Just stick by me. Don't tag in. Let your big guy handle business.

    Melvin raises his voice so the Doc can hear.

    Melvin: If this quack would ever hurry up! He can clearly see I am in pain. I can not ever put weight on my knee or rotate my arm. Hey chief,  your b read isn't buttered bandaging jobbers. Get your assistance over here and diagnose me.

    Doc throws his roll of tape into a box of supplies and walks over to Melvin. He irritable grabs Melvin's knee.  Rotating it. Filling the ligaments inside. Doc raises his eyebrows and moves to his shoulder. Doing the same tests to Melvin's shoulder. Doc again raises his eyebrows. Walks over to his box of supplies. Pulling out a roll of packing tape. Doc walks back to Melvin and puts the tape in his hand.  

    Melvin: What the hell is this?

    Doc: Tape to shut your mouth.  Now get out of my office. This place is for real injuries,  not your falsification.

    Melvin faces becomes beet red. He stands and motions for Harris to follow. When they get the the door, it doesn't open right away.  Melvin gets squished between the door and Harris.

    Melvin: You have not seen or heard the end of this! My injuries are in your hands now. If anything happens to my frail body, a lawsuit will be on your desk in the morning. This is an outrage, a travesty, a farce.

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