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    The Rise of the Fist King

    Haruki Inoki

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    The Rise of the Fist King Empty The Rise of the Fist King

    Post by Haruki Inoki on Sun Oct 18, 2015 12:41 am

    Just moments before stepping out of the certain to the arena for his match against Serena, he just has a few words for the whole of LBP and Serena.

    Haruki Inoki: The Name is Haruki Inoki and I am the Fist King! What that Means? It means I am a man with no weakness and a man with no fear, I don’t care who steps in my way I will knock them down with my fists. And I have two motives in this group, to be the World Champion and to lead the most dominate unit in LBP; Dark Matter!

    Haruki Inoki picks up his trusty Kendo Stick.

    Haruki Inoki: Serena is the girl I face tonight. I don’t care who you are or what you are about you will suffer the fate of my fists, and I’ll make sure the House of Serena will crumble at the hands of Dark Matter and The Fist King known as Haruki Inoki.

    He points to the camera with his Kendo Stick before it cuts out for the Haruki Inoki vs Serena match.

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