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    Post by TheMessenger on Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:06 pm

    Wrestler Name: Christopher Reynolds

    Nickname: The Messenger

    Age: Unknown (Looks youthful)

    Hometown: Unknown (Billed from "The Edge of Sanity"

    Alignment: Heel

    Height: 6'6"

    Weight Class: Heavyweight

    Weight: 235

    Gender: Male

    Gimmick: Psychopath/Sociopath, shows no remorse or empathy for what he does. Face painted with slight religious themes to him.

    The arena lights black out completely, no music is heard. After a few seconds the lights come back on, stood in the corner of the ring is a figure dressed in complete white robes from head to toe.
    He throws the hood back on the robes and spits a crimson mist out, soaking the chest of the robes in the liquid before ripping it off and throwing it to the outside, displaying his simple ring gear.

    Wrestler Picture: Christopher Reynolds WkaAtzZ

    Short Bio: The Messenger has never clearly revealed anything from his past, although glimpses of his previous life can be seen through his mannerisms. It's clear he was raised with a very strong religious upbringing due to how he conducts himself and how he speaks to others although he speaks in harsh tongues to those he doesn't trust. He's quite a quick witted young man with the ability to manipulate others to do his bidding, such is his role as 'The Messenger' of his one true Lord, of which nothing is truly known. He is psychologically damaged, so it would be best to stay away from him.

    Signature Move(s):

    Often Used:
    Christopher Reynolds lets out a blood curdling scream and charges straight at the opponent
    plowing straight through them with a DECAPITATING Lariat

    Christopher Reynolds rushes towards the opponent
    shooting his boot up at the last second, flattening them with a DECAPITATING Running Big Boot

    Can be used to finish a match: (weaker opponents perhaps)
    Christopher Reynolds pulls the opponents head between his legs, lifting them up over his shoulder and placing his hands on the biceps of the opponent
    He holds the opponent in a crucifix position behind his back before raising them slightly higher, throwing them down on to their neck and shoulders with a BRUTAL Cross of Lorraine


    Primary Finisher - Pectus Excavatum
    Christopher Reynolds takes his finger in to his mouth, biting on it to draw blood before drawing a cross on the opponents chest. He then pulls the opponent in to a gutwrench and lifts them up over his shoulder in a backbreaker position.
    He looks towards the fans, his eyes going completely black as he suddenly rolls the opponent from his shoulder, shifting his body and shooting his knee up to strike the opponent in the chest with it executing a BRUTAL Pectus Excavatum, looking as though he just caved the opponents chest in

    Last Ditch K.O Finish - Collateral Damage

    Christopher Reynolds leans back in the corner, recovering from the beating he has taken thus far before his eyes suddenly turn black. He tilts his head and a devilish grin comes across his face as his opponent gets to their feet. He rushes at the opponent and tackles them to the floor, throwing repeated strikes to the opponents head and neck, trying to damage it permanently.
    The opponent tries to roll over and turn away but this only causes more problems as Christopher Reynolds begins hammering elbows down in to the back of the opponents head, causing sufficient bleeding all over his head before he begins laying in to it with headbutts. He carries on laying in these brutal strikes before climbing to his feet and stomping viciously on the head of the opponent, the whole time laughing in a psychotic manner before he drops to his knees, his eyes returning to normal as he turns the opponent over to cover them, executing a BLOODTHIRSTY Collateral Damage

    Stats: (200 points to spend on 3 stats, 100 is the max stat. This is for the wrestling match simulator program.)
    Brawl: 75
    Speed: 50
    Tech: 75

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