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    Household hunts like ravenous vultures


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    Household hunts like ravenous vultures Empty Household hunts like ravenous vultures

    Post by Ravenous on Sat Oct 03, 2015 7:14 am

    The camera fades into the well dimmed locker room where two figures are focused. One man wearing the doll mask tapes his hand as the female figured black luchador holds the masked man's shoulder.

    Female figure: looks around. "League Battle Puroresu. Household's first place for invasion. What do you think so far, RAVENOUS?" The masked man named RAVENOUS shrugs in response. "I wonder what our mistress going to plan here."

    RAVENOUS: "I'm not here to play games or make reputation here, I'm here to beat my opponent tonight to make up all my consecutive losses after my victorious match against Captain Mama, DISCORDIA."

    DISCORDIA: worried. "What is got in to you? You're attitude scares me the most, it's like your name got a grip on you"

    A feminine voice: "Then let him go."

    DISCORDIA and RAVENOUS looks around to find out who's speaking until a Victorian dressed woman comes out from the shadow.

    DISCORDIA: "Mistress SERENA?"

    SERENA: "Let his frustration becomes his strength against his adversary tonight." looks at RAVENOUS. "My son, just because I have beaten you in an event match doesn't mean that you are worthless to me. Let your consecutive losses be the reminder on why they must feel your wrath and prove that you are my trump card." RAVENOUS nods. "I have realized that MWA has fallen because of us and now theDISTRICT will soon crumble because of us, the curse of the household is going to spread here in this establishment and they soon be crumbled with the people along with it. DISCORDIA, I named you because you have the power to feel your opponent confused and discord with your final attack. Show them that you are the personification of a real discord" DISCORDIA nods. "As for my opponent tonight...." progressively evil laughs. "he should be notice why I became the matriarch of this household as I hold the power within." looks at both of the members. "WHO WE ARE?"


    SERENA: "AND?"


    SERENA stares at the camera with fierce and the camera goes static.


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    Household hunts like ravenous vultures Empty Re: Household hunts like ravenous vultures

    Post by Ozzie Williams on Sat Oct 03, 2015 12:38 pm

    (OOC: Hey Ravenous just wondering you'd be able to color the dialog, put the descriptions in italics and bold the whole rp please, thanks)

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